Decorating and designing the area around your pool is very important. Selecting the type of material you use for pool decking very crucial. Some of the vital things to consider when choosing the type of decking material include choosing a material that is heat reflective and keeps the pool surface cool during hot days. One should also select a non-slippery decking material that is resistant to mildew, mould, algae acid, frost, and chemicals. The decking material should also be non-bumpy, non-coarse and levelled.

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What is pool decking and why is it important?

A pool deck is an immediate area that surrounds your pool. It is an area where you place your tables, lounge chairs, and other backyard furniture. Decking is the process of decorating and constructing the area around your pool to make it more attractive, artistic and beautiful. Pool decking is important since it improves the appearance of your entire swimming area. It also enhances the look of the swimming area where you can relax and spend time with your family and friends. It also creates a perfect place where you can have interesting and fun activities to do such as sun-basking. It is important to build the pool deck with the best and high-quality materials. Examples of materials used to construct the pool deck include concrete, wood, pavers, and tiles.

Different types of decking

There are various types of decking and pool owners should select materials that meet their needs and requirements. Here are some of the different types of pool decking.

Flagstone decking

This is a type of pool decking that is used by a majority of pool builders. Flagstone refers to a slab with natural paving of stone, earth colours, natural texture, and its ideal for pool decking. Flagstone decking is easy to maintain, durable and resistant to heat and moisture.

Brushed Concrete

Brushed concrete is the simplest type of decking. It is a layer of concrete uniformly levelled and brushed over the surface. The beauty of the concrete will depend or rely on the coarseness of the brush bristles. That is if the texture is light then the brush bristles used are light.

Travertine Pavers

This is a popular type of pool decking used to construct beautiful and luxurious pool decks. Pool constructors prefer this type of decking since the material used is heat resistant and cool the surface during hot times. The material also absorbs water instantly, slip-resistant and handles all weather conditions.


Slate is also one of the various types of decking. This type of decking is designed from a type of stone called the slate. It is a durable and heavy stone that can be cut into various sizes and shapes. They come in various colours which include brown, black, red, green, purple and dark grey.

Tile decking

Tile decking is an eco-friendly, resistant and elegant type of deck. The tiles are easy to install and do not require a hammer to install since some snap together while installing. Tile decking comes in a wide array of materials such as stone and porcelain.

pool decking

Best materials to use around a pool


Wood is one of the best and popular decking materials commonly used in many pools. This is because wood creates a colourful natural appearance. It is also easy to work with and it’s affordable. Wood is also a great selection for irregularly shaped landscapes since it can be built off the ground. However, wood needs to be frequently sealed and stained to prevent damage and colour loss.


Concrete is also one of the most popular, affordable and stylish types of pool decking material. Concrete pool decks can either be stamped or broom finished. Stamped concrete resembles tiles or bricks while a broom finish resembles a standard concrete look.


Pavers are materials made from stone or concrete. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. They are also one of the most simple and easy poolside decking materials to install and maintain. They can be removed and replaced easily if they crack or get damaged. They can also be decorated to create a variety of design patterns and shapes.

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Stone is also a popular, stylish, affordable and durable type of material used for decking. Stones come in different sizes, colours, and shapes. They can be used to add pool decorations such as boulders, waterfalls and other structures. It also has a non-slip surface and has natural friction which helps in increasing poolside safety. Stone also does not require regular maintenance since it is extremely durable.

Pool Decking
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