Accelerate your fitness

Kick start your fitness with our eight week boot camp program, Beach Accelerate. It is designed for those with the motivation to tackle their fitness goals head on, or who want to take part in a more interesting workout regime. Beach Accelerate is best suited to people who are striving for results.

The Beach Accelerate program consists of two beach fitness classes per week, run by our team of dedicated session leaders and qualified personal trainers. Offering reliable nutrition advice, constant support, motivation and guidance during the eight week program, our goal is to create a motivating team environment for all, encouraging weight loss, fitness, and strength.

The best part? You’ll be smashing your fitness goals with a beautiful pool and beachside backdrop!

  • Starts Tuesday 16 October
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 6am-7am
  • Open to all ages and fitness levels
  • 16 x one hour group training sessions
  • Goal setting and nutritional advice
  • Bonus unlimited pool access.
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