Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes take advantage of our unique positioning on the West Australian coastline. They are exciting outdoor programs that encourage group participation to keep you motivated, accountable and most importantly, to get you the results you’re looking for.

    Group Fitness

    We have a combination of 30 minute and 60 minute fitness classes ranging from Aqua fitness, Cardio, Weights, HIIT and Wellness to meet all your health and fitness needs. All held in our exclusive beachfront, outdoor training environment.
      Sunrise Yoga:Embrace the sunrise and enhance health and wellbeing through restorative Vinyasa/Hatha techniques, including posture, strength and movement, breath awareness, relaxation, concentration and meditation. 
      Deep Blue:Deep water class tailored to all fitness levels to strengthen and increase cardiovascular health with the weightlessness of water.
      Deep HIIT:A 45 minute deep water high intensity class combining interval training and aquatic resistance for maximum fat-burning and metabolism-boosting benefits.
      MetAFIT:A style of HIIT designed to boost your fitness in just 30 minutes. It creates a metabolic disturbance, this increases your resting metabolic rate and increases maximum fat burning.
      BoxFit:A high intensity boxing fitness circuit. Designed for improving fitness, speed, strength and muscle conditioning, suitable for all fitness levels.

      All of the fitness classes above are included in your membership fee of $50 per month. Not a member? You can still enjoy the classes based on the casual class price below:

      • 1 hour class - $18.50
      • 30 min class - $11.50
      • Discounted (Senior/DSP/Student) - $13.00

      Group Fitness Timetable

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